First Bringing Home Jake, the Green Spotted Puffer

I was enamored by Green Spot Puffers (GSPs) the first time I saw them at the aquarium store. I was so excited and curious that I took a photo of their name listing on the display tank so I wouldn’t forget.


I began doing lots of research on tetraodon nigroviridis in preparation for one day having my own. The initial dismay of being limited to a species only tank of at least 30 gallons passed, and I began excitedly preparing their future tank. Once the tank cycled, I checked with the store to match the temperature, pH, and specific gravity of the store’s GSP tank with my own. Finally, everything was ready to go! Here are the photos I took of Jake on the way home from the store that first day.

It took many months of trial and error to get Jake healthy and happy in his new home. He continues to grow and become more confident. Maintaining a GSP tank also continues to give me new challenges and insights as Jake grows and changes.

Jake 5

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