My intent for this blog is share my experiences, both successes and failures, with other planted tank enthusiasts. While creating beautifully aquascaped, maintained, and thriving tanks is my ultimate goal, reaching this point requires thorough understanding of the process before the tanks are beautiful and thriving. Most books and websites I’ve run across tend to show the initial planting and the final result, omitting the interval between the two states. Yet it is this grow-out interval that is crucial to success of a planted tank. 

Here are my current setups for my personal world of planted tanks:

  • 150 Gallon (72″ x 18″ x 28″) – Freshwater planted community
  • 30 Gallon – Green spot puffers – brackish tank with only artificial plants
  • 15 Gallon – Betta sorority, Harlequin rasbora, ghost shrimp
  • 11.3 Gallon – Ember tetras, red cherry shrimp
  • 10 Gallon – Furcata rainbows and pygmy corydora
  • 7.13 Gallon – Ghost shrimp, chili rasbora
  • 4.12 Gallon – Dwarf Puffer
  • 4 Gallon – Sparkling Pygmy Gourami
  • 3.8 Gallon – Walstad bowl, snails, live food cultures, snails
  • 2.65 Gallon – Plants/Junk Tank
  • 2.11 Gallon – Orange Sunkist shrimp, blueberry shrimp

My future projects include setting up an Aqueon Evolve 8 (perhaps as a marine, macroalgae tank?) and a Fluval Spec V, which are still sitting in their boxes. I need to find some space to put them, or perhaps say goodbye to a few current tanks before I’ll have enough room for these though!

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