AZOO Mignon Filter 60 and 150 Review

Mignon Flow

Most of my smaller tanks use AZOO Mignon filters – either 60 or 150 depending on the tank size. These little filters are quite sleek and compact, and they come with a great price tag. The AZOO 60 works best for pico tanks under 3.5 gallons. The 150 claims to be good for tanks up to 30 gallons on the listing, but I have mostly restricted their use for tank 15 gallons and under.

Mignon Filter

While the AZOO Mignon filters might not have the most impressive exterior packaging, they are quite well designed. The filter comes filled with the inclued intake extensions, intake sponge covering, filter sponges/cartirdges, and such. The intake has an adjustable knob, allowing for great flow control. I’ve also constructed a few baffles to change the water surface disruption levels for my floating plants.

The intake tubing is all clear, with a black filter sponge. Overall, the filter is quite unobtrusive in the tank, and the pre-filter sponge works quite well.

These filters are really capable of some powerful flow. My only complaint is that the intake extension tubes have fallen apart in the tank before. As I was using the filter on a nano tank, I came home to find a few shrimp and fish had been sucked directly into the filter. This problem has happened twice now on the same filter, leading me to replace the intake tubing on the filter and be a bit paranoid about checking that particular filter. I have five of these filters running right now, and the issue only occurred for one of the filters, and would have been avoided had I paid more attention to the tank with the problematic filter.

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