Hanging Glass Aquarium Ornaments – DIY Plastic Version

When looking through various websites to see what cool gadgets or new ideas might be available to try on my tanks, I ran across these on a website out of Hong Kong called Aquarium HK. I went back to find them to make this post only find that the site has been transitioned over to Hinterfeld.com, but these pics were still up of the moss hanger.

I wasn’t sold on them, but I did love the look of the moss hanging mid-air (really mid- water, I guess) in the first picture posted here. Once it had fully grown out and couldn’t be seen any more, it seemed to have potential. I had been looking for ways to take up some space in my taller tanks without having to redo hardscape or really push my plants to grow faster already. The idea of just being able to place a beautiful plant wherever I might like to fill lacking spaces really appealed to me.

Then I ran across these type of terrarium holders for mosses and special air plants like this one seen on an Etsy site here.

Etsy Globe

There seemed to be many of these globe type ornaments available, but many were rather expensive. I decided to make my own instead. I found clear plastic ornaments, like these from Craftoutlet.com

Then I used an Exacto knife to cut out a circular section that included the hanging part of the ornament, like indicated below.

Clear Ornament

Then I poked two holes in the edge of the newly cut out face, about a centimeter from the edge. I ran a piece of string (fishing line would have been better) through the first hole from the inside of the ornament, then through the second hold from the outside of the ornament. Then I gathered both ends together from the inside of the ornament. This way, when hanging, the strings would pull on the lip of the opening from the inside, naturally keeping the ornament’s opening angled upward. Without the strings this way, the ornaments tended to lose much of the substrate and plants inside!

Here is an example of one of these ornaments in a small growout tank I had going at various angles.

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