DIY Multi-Tank Stand Update

It’s been a few months now since I built my multi-tank stand, and I’m happy to report that it’s still working wonderfully. Here are some recent photos of it in action:

stand 2


I’m considering moving my 30 gallon green spot puffer tank to the left side and removing the cabinet doors entirely. Not sure if that would be tank overload or not, but it would probably be outlet overload. :/

Orange “Sunkist” Shrimp and Blueberry Shrimp – Bob’s Tropical Plants Order

I ordered two different species of shrimp and some HC Cube from Bob’s Tropical Plants a few weeks back. Everything arrived quickly and appeared quite healthy. Portions were generous, and overall I was quite pleased with the order! I took some pictures of the packaging they used and arrival of my new shrimpies to share.

Here was my order:

Everything was packed up quite nicely! Box was well insulated and had a heat pack under newspaper and foam to keep everything the right temperature.

5 Orange “Sunkist” Shrimp (Neocaridinia)

5 Blueberry Shrimp (Caridinia)

3 portions HC Cuba

5 Orange Sunkist




These guys seemed a bit scared and sluggish after their journey. They clung tightly to the moss and were rather skittish. Everyone looked healthy, and all are still alive, well, and growing fast weeks later. Quite robust, and doing well in my 2.11 gallon Lace Java Fern Tank.

5 Blueberry Shrimp





These guys were super active straight out of the bag. They swam around quickly and immediately began eating extra bits of food from the floating plants and moss bits I later added to their acclimation cup. I had super high hopes for these blueberry shrimp, but ultimately couldn’t find a good balance for them in their tank. Not sure if they were more sensitive than I was expecting or if my tank was just far more out of balance than I realized, but only two remain. They all arrived looking quite healthy and with beautiful colors that have not faded one bit though!

3 HC Cuba



The HC Cuba mini-mats had tons of beautiful roots! I haven’t yet been able to successfully plant Dwarf baby-tears, so I don’t have much hope for their future. Hopefully I’ll do a tank based in HC Cuba in the future to really figure out how to handle this delicate plant.

I’ll update on the shrimp soon now that they’ve settled in. ­čÖé

Water Changes – Refilling the 150

I love watching my 150 gallon tank during water changes. As I add water back into the tank, the fish go crazy, swimming through the bubbles and schooling tightly. My gold barbs group together, swimming throughout the tank in a hug pack. Here are some shots of the tank during the refill that I liked:

Bubbles 4

Bubbles Center Gold Barbs

Bubbles Oto

Bubbles Right


I used to use Seachem Prime during all of my water changes. If you don’t use this stuff, start! It works wonderfully, and a single bottle lasts a long time. For my 150 gallon, because it is so large, I began using Seachem Safe. Safe is just a concentrated powder version of Seachem Prime. Both are phenomenal products that have made my water changes easier. They also can be used for emergency situations, like ammonia spikes.


When doing big water changes, it is much easier to be able to add the new water right to the tank from the faucet (as opposed to individually treating buckets and pouring them in). To the tank being filled, add enough Prime or Safe to treat the full volume of the tank, then refill the tank with tap water as usual. Of course, if your tap water isn’t acceptable for water changes, this process won’t work well for you.